At Vinyaas we're serious about happiness – yours that is. We start by listening to what our customers say is important to them in a new home. Then we design homes that not only fulfill those needs, but also the dreams and desires of today's families.

It is because of our commitment to customer satisfaction that Vinyaas has earned a reputation for innovative thinking and high standards regarding every aspect pertaining to the creation of your new home.

At Vinyaas we take great pride in making your dream of homeownership a reality. That's why we say - "When you smile, we smile."

Over the past 17 years, Vinyaas has built hundreds of homes for families in Bangalore. We have built a reputation by focusing on the basic principles of quality, design, simplicity, and family, because building a house starts with a solid foundation, incorporating today’s lifestyles and changing technologies.

At Vinyaas, we believe in putting our homeowners first, and that “feeling at home” extends beyond the walls of your home, and into your surrounding community. That is why we have cultivated enduring relationships with our suppliers and contractors so that we create consistency across our communities, from one home to the next. This has also enabled us to perfect our processes and procedures to offer a stress-free building and buying experience, as well as a smooth transition from homebuyer to homeowner. Our guiding principles can best be summed up in our mission statement:

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